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IP-XACT Working Group

Standard for integration of IP in System-on-Chip


IP-XACT is a working group within Accellera defining an XML schema for meta-data that documents the characteristics of intellectual property (IP). This data can be used to automatically configure and integrate IP blocks. An application programming interface (API) makes this meta-data accessible to tools.
The IP-XACT Standard forms the conformance checks for XML data designed to describe electronic systems. The meta data forms which are standardized include: components, systems, bus interfaces and connections, abstractions of those buses, and details of the components including address maps, register and field descriptions, and file set descriptions for use in automating design, verification, documentation, and use flows for electronic systems. The standard includes a set of XML schemas of the form described by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and a set of semantic consistency rules (SCRs). The standard also provides for a generator interface that is portable across tool environments. The specified combination of methodology-independent metadata and the tool-independent mechanism for accessing that data provides for portability of design data, design methodologies and environment implementations.