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IEEE 1076.1.1-VHDL-AMS Standard Packages

A collection of VHDL 1076.1 packages


Work started on the multiple energy domain packages in 2001 with the IEEE group being officially formed in May 2002. The committee approved it in 2004 and created an updated version in 2011.

This standard defines a collection of VHDL 1076.1 packages, compatible with IEEE Std 1076.1, along with recommendations for conforming use, in order to facilitate the interchange of simulation models of physical components and subsystems. The packages include the definition of standard types, subtypes, natures, and constants for modeling in multiple energy domains (electrical, fluidic, mechanical, etc.).

Multiple energy domain models are built upon sets of properties that are specific to each energy domain and encapsulated in so-called natures. IEEE Std 1076.1 provides a mechanism to define natures, but intentionally does not predefine any standard set of natures.