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PCI Express (PCIe), Peripheral Component Interconnect Express

High-speed serial expansion bus for connecting sending data between devices.


A standard interface for connecting servers in the data center, PCIe is a high-speed serial interconnect in use since 2004, when it was introduced. It was created by Intel, IBM, Dell, and HP. PCIe is now everyone, from mobile computing to data centers.

PCIe 6.0 is the current standard (as of 2024) and PCIe 7.0 is due to release in 2025. According to PIC-SIG, PCIe 7.0 will have 128 GT/s raw bit rate and up to 512 GB/s bi-directionally via x16 configuration, which will double the data rate of the PCIe 6.0 specification.  Both 6 and 7 will use PAM4. PCI-SIG manages the PCIe standards. PCIe 6.0 adopted a Forward Error Correction (FEC) mechanism because “the transition to PAM4 signal encoding introduces a significantly higher Bit Error Rate (BER) vs. NRZ,” according to Rambus’ Tim Messegee.