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Molded Interconnect Substrate (MIS)

A midrange packaging option that offers lower density than fan-outs.


Molded interconnect substrate (MIS) is a mid-range packaging technology built on a leadframe substrate. It supports single- or multi-die configurations, enabling low-profile, fine-pitch packages.

On the surface, MIS resembles a fan-out wafer-level package. The big difference is that MIS is limited in terms of I/Os and densities. So in reality, MIS competes in the midrange space against some well-entrenched package types.

This packaging approach first appeared around 2010. It is ideal for 150 to 200 I/Os in low profiles. But the technology is limited to around 25μm line and space, meaning it is geared for mainly mid-range applications. Line and space refers to the width and pitch of a metal trace in a package. In comparison, a standard-density fan-out package, which is aimed for high-end apps, is defined as a package with less than 500 I/Os and greater than 8μm line/space. High-density fan-out has more than 500 I/Os and less than 8μm line/space.

The MIS substrate is thin. As such, it could be prone to warpage and uniformity issues during a process. Yield and cost are other issues.

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