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The lowest power form of small cells, used for home WiFi networks.


Femtocells are largely residential, used indoors, and are most commonly used as for home Wi-Fi networks. They are the lowest power variety – 100 mW or less, cover an area up to 50 meters and support fewer than 10 users. These are the cells that manage most of the home IoE environments. Residential femtocells are consumer-controlled. All of the interconnect, installation, and setup can be done by the consumer.
Of late, there has emerged the enterprise femtocell. It is a hopped-up version of the residential femtocell where more than residential is required, but the network is generally self-managed (vs. MNO managed, although MNOs can manage them, as well). It offers variable bandwidth options, higher data rates, can handle more users, and can be both licensed and unlicensed.