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The plumbing on chip, among chips and between devices, that sends bits of data and manages that data.


Communications—whether on a nano, micro or macro scale—is all about plumbing: pushing bits and electronic signals around using the physical plumbing of wires on a chip, through wires to and from other chips and sensors, or wirelessly via the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s about the hand off and receiving of signals, which can be translated into data, and the capacity of the pipes to carry the data.

We take a very broad view of this category. Here you will find:

  • On-chip communications, which includes buses and network on chips.
  • Off-chip communications, which includes I/O, silicon photonics and interposers. Other I/O enabling technology includes serializer/deserializer (SerDes), ground reference signaling (GRS), PHY, double data rate (DDR).
  • Communications systems, including telecommunications systems, wired and wireless systems, systems for managing the data (such as edge, cloud, data centers).


Densification Of RF Designs