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IEEE 1800-SystemVerilog

IEEE ratified version of SystemVerilog


IEEE 1800 specifies SystemVerilog, the high-level design language used in the implementation and verification of electronic systems. The standard permits the use of a unified language for abstract and detailed specification of the design, specification of assertions, coverage and testbench verification based on manual or automatic methodologies. SystemVerilog offers application programming interfaces (APIs) for coverage and assertions, and a direct programming interface (DPI) to access proprietary functionality. SystemVerilog offers methods that allow designers to continue to use present design languages when necessary to leverage existing designs and intellectual property.
Originally released in 2005. IEEE 1800-2009 (December 2009) brought the Verilog portion of the standard up to IEEE 1364-2005 and this formally ended development of future Verilog versions. The latest version is IEEE 1800-2012.

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