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Power Semiconductors Report: A Deep Dive Into Materials, Manufacturing & Business



Power Semiconductors: 2023 (EBook)

Whether you’re the owner of the average smartphone, commuting on trains, or driving around in a Tesla, you use power semiconductor devices every day. In a technology-dependent world, these devices are everywhere, and demand for more types of chips using different materials is growing.

In the past, most engineers paid little attention to power semiconductors. They were deemed commodity, off-the-shelf parts. But that’s no longer the case. Power semiconductors are becoming much more sophisticated and more essential for multiple applications ranging from electric vehicles to UV LEDs used for disinfection and purification.

This report explains the purpose of power semiconductors, how these devices work, and how they are made. It also addresses the challenges in manufacturing, as well as the reasons why so much effort and so many resources are being spent to develop new materials, and new processes.

Find the Power Semiconductor eBook here.

Report’s Contents:


What Are Power Semiconductor Devices?


Silicon carbide (SiC)
Gallium nitride (GaN)
Gallium oxide (GaO)
Aluminum nitride (AlN)

Types of Power Semiconductor Devices and Use Cases


SiC manufacturing landscape
GaN manufacturing landscape
Manufacturing of other materials
Vertical GaN
Gallium oxide

Inspecting, Testing, and Measuring Power Semis

Performance and Packaging

The impact of a transition from 12V to 48V

Market Growth for Power Semis
Startup funding