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Open Verification Methodology (OVM)

Verification methodology created from URM and AVM


The Open Verification Methodology (OVM) is a library of objects and procedures for stimulus generation, data collection and control of verification process. It supported SystemVerilog and SystemC. The reuse concepts within the OVM were derived mainly from the Cadence URM (Universal Reuse Methodology) with additional concepts from the Mentor Advanced Verification Methodology (AVM).

OVM 1.0, was released in January, 2008. The last version was OVM 2.1.2, released in January, 2011.

In February 2009 the multiple-languages release of OVM (OVM-ML) was donated by Cadence Inc. to OVM-ML provides the OVM for SystemC (OVM-SC) library, which is a SystemC implementation of OVM subset.

In December of 2009, Accellera selected the OVM to be the base of the emerging Universal Verification Methodology (UVM). The first version of the UVM, released in May of 2010, is based on OVM 2.1.1 with the “ovm_” names converted by a script to “uvm_” plus a few minor changes to the callbacks and end-of-test, but not to the core methodology or base classes.