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Ferroelectric FETs (FeFET)

Ferroelectric FET is a new type of memory.


Ferroelectric FETs are a new memory type, but this technology also can be used for logic.

FeFET is essentially a logic transistor that can maintain its logic state even when power is removed. In general, you replace the conventional logic gate dielectric with a ferroelectric material, a dielectric that remembers the electric field to which it had been exposed.

In FeFETs, a permanent dipole is formed within the gate dielectric itself, splitting the threshold voltage of the ferroelectric transistor into two stable states. Accordingly, binary states can be stored in the FeFETs similar to how it is done in a flash memory cell.

FeFETs to the existent HKMG technology device suite requires only very few masks, eNVM capability is added at much lower cost than eFlash. The voltages required to switch the FeFETs from one state to the other are in the range of 3 to 5 volts, making the technology scalable and reducing the need for high voltage charge pumps. As the switching is solely a field driven effect from a low program voltage, the eNVM requires the theoretically lowest power possible for write operations.

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