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Yield Management System (YMS)

A data-driven system for monitoring and improving IC yield and reliability.


A yield management system (YMS) in the context of semiconductor manufacturing is a data management, analysis, and tool system that collects data from the fab, especially during manufacturing ramp ups, and helps engineers find ways to improve yield. YMS helps semiconductor manufacturers and fabs manage high volumes of production analysis with fewer engineers. These systems analyze the yield data and generate reports. IDMs, fabs, fabless semiconductor companies, and OSATs use YMSes.

There has been increasing interest in YMS systems due to rising complexity and higher costs, and the need for chips to last longer in end applications and in multi-chip packages. For all of those reasons, the entire design-through-manufacturing supply chain has been investing in more data analytics, automation, and easier-to-grok graphics, which are being added to these systems. Data analytics startups and established manufacturing companies have been active and very productive in this space

A YMS may include:

  • Yield analysis
  • Excursion analysis
  • Pattern analysis
  • Parametric analysis
  • Drift analysis
  • Gage R&R
  • Calculated Tests/Multivariate analysis
  • Wafer sort analysis
  • Bin analysis

Examples of YMSes for the semiconductor industry:

DR Yield has YieldWatchDog.
YieldHub has a platform YMS.
PDF Solutions has Extensio modules.
ONTO Innovation has Discover series of software.
Contributing data analytics to YMSes is startup proteanTecs
Synopsys has several tools for yield management: Yield Explorer, Odyssey, SysNav, Yield Manager, Avalon. Some of these tools feed into Synopsys’s Silicon Lifecycle Management system, debuted in 2020.
Cadence has some advanced node yield management tools.
Applied Materials has the Applied SmartFactory Yield Management System.

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